Thanks for checking out Reclusively Modern!  My husband and I live in Maryland where we have recently sold our historic semi-detached home in preparation for creating our dream home.  We enjoyed four years in our last home where we learned a bit about home ownership and remodeling.  What we also learned is that we were not made for urban or suburban living, so we have set our sights on moving to the countryside in Maryland.  I hope to be able to collect my thoughts and make plans through this site.  The title pretty perfectly reflects our ultimate goal for our home: to incorporate modern design in a most private setting.  Now that we are officially not homeowners, we are anxious to get serious about our search for the perfect place to create our new home – whether we have to build or renovate to do so.

I am:

in my late 20s

very different than I was in my early 20s

a wife and mother to furry babies

a big fan of modern and contemporary designs, primarily minimalist modern and mid-century modern

a firm believer that any style mixed with modern is immediately made more tolerable

a vegetarian and 90% vegan – I hope to build a greenhouse and grow my own produce

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